Dansville 10 December

Guys haven't been uploading shit on the blog because of some technical difficulties with adobe flash player. Trying to resolve this asap.

Have a listen to this promo Half-life has done for the next Dansville event. Pretty fucking wicked!

Dansville Promo by Half-Life

Dansville 29th October

Next Dansville event is end of month, and apparently its Halloween weekend!!
We got some new fresh faces for this one so get ready for the slaughter!

Line - up for the event so far:


Brick City Bling Edition by LG Fritz


Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile (Das Kapital's Extra Crunchy Mix) by Das Kapital


I like that - Liver by theLiver



*no preview available

more to be announced

Get out the halloween gear, masks, blood, spiderman costumes watever that would make for a great night out. We organizing some UV Lighting so wear some lumo and white scary halloween shit!!

Official events page to be posted soon.

trick or treat moederfokkers

The Assembly - Win A Guitar This Saturday W. Foto Na Dans & Marshall Music - News Post

Check out the competition Foto na Dans is running for This event

The Assembly - Win A Guitar This Saturday W. Foto Na Dans & Marshall Music - News Post


Have a listen to Das Kapital's - "Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile (Das Kapital's Extra Crunchy Mix)"

Very cool Track!!

Dada Life - Cookies With A Smile (Das Kapital's Extra Crunchy Mix) by Das Kapital

Catch DAS KAPITAL at DANSVILLE in october!

Up & Running again....

Hey guys, sorry we had some troubles with the blog page. Got it All sorted now!!!

So much has happened since the last post. We've had some awesome parties with Foto na Dans in support of their Album launch "Die Vloed" at Klein libertas and Blizzards in Dville. Fuck and what a party both turned out to be! If you werent there, shame on you! But nevertheless there is one more to come, this Saturday at The Assembly in Kaapstad. We have some insane comps going on if your in the mood to win some shit. Both Dansville & Foto na dans have comps running for Saturday's event so check them out.

This is how Dansville's comp goes:

The Final Foto na Dansville - Assembly event is on this Saturday night at the Assembly in Cape Town and we would like to end it off on a BANG!!! We are giving away a few comps and 2 bottles of Jägermeister to 5 lucky people for saturday nights event........sou...nds interesting?? Well listen up, its not THAT easy, here's the rules.

All you have to do is go into your albums, choose a photo of you when you were totally in your moer in drunk and post it on this wall! This could be a photo of you anywhere anytime, just really smashed! If you dont have a pic of urselves, post of a friend, please ask permission first :).

Post the pic with your name and the amount of people you have invited to the event with a little tagline under the pic. Person with the most comments and "likes" will be judged accordingly.


1st prize - Bottle Jägermeister , guestlist plus 2
2nd prize - Bottle Jägermeister , Geustlist + 1

3rd prize - Geustlist + 2
4th prize - Geustlist + 1
5th prize - Geustlist

*winners announced on friday.
Post your drunk pics on the fanpage : DANSVILLE

Lets see how this turns out!

So far Hanlie Hayley Maritz is stealing the show!! Lets see if you can beat her.




Probably my best time of the year. Earthdance is next weekend, 17th 18th and the 19th, maybe no need to mention the sunday because many dont feel like human anymore by that stage and have been dronk from the friday morning. Cant wait for this one. See you in the dome!!